Canada Soccer B Licence – National

From Canada Soccer:

Aim of the Program
To educate the candidates in the practical and theoretical developments in modern soccer, so that they may devise, organize, conduct and evaluate coaching sessions in basic and advanced skills, tactics, strategies and systems of play. Candidates will also better understand and employ the complimentary managerial, medical and coach-related aspects, appropriate to the role of the coach at the competitive level.

Structure of the Program
The Canada B Licence – National Program is divided into two courses. Provincial Associations offer part 1 of the Program, also known as the Provincial Course, regionally across Canada. Canada Soccer offers Part 2, the National Course, on a residential basis. Both the Provincial and National Courses will include practical and theoretical aspects of study with the Final Theory and Practical assessments being held during the National Course.

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Program Objectives

On completion of the Program, successful candidates will be competent in the following and be able to:

  • Operate effectively in a variety of coaching situations with players and teams at all levels of Youth and/or Senior Soccer.
  • Plan, organize, conduct and evaluate practical coaching sessions on various aspects of play.
  • Successfully employ various coaching and teaching methods and styles as appropriate to the needs of the players and group.
  • Analyze both individual and team performance and thereby devise practices and training to suit the needs of the players and team.
  • Understand the physical and physiological demands of playing the game, and so devise specific training and conditioning programs as necessary.
  • Understand the importance and timely application of the various theoretical aspects appropriate to the role of the coach at the competitive level.
  • Maintain the highest standards of conduct to promote the sport of soccer.