Provincial B Licence

Also known as the B Licence Part I, this program is for coaches who have successfully completed the pre-requisite requirements and would like to continue with their coaching education at a higher level through the Licensing Stream.

Prerequisites: Provincial C Licence Certification

This program is delivered in 2 separate components with different fees for each:

  1. Course – 40 hours
  2. Evaluation – 4 hours

For more information on these program components use the tabs below.

train-to-train$475 + GST Course Fee

Course fees include 40 hours of training, course materials, facilities, and more. Additional fees may apply for Special Events or Mentoring (optional). Approved applications are confirmed via email with an agenda, course requirements and pre-course work details. This is a non-residential program with travel and accommodation being the responsibility of the candidate.

Applicants will be selected by the Director of Coach Education and Player Development. Unsuccessful applicants will receive a full refund and will be eligible to reapply for the next course.  All other application withdrawals will be processed as per ASA’s Refund Policy which includes a minimum 10% admin fee.


Course Curriculum


Long-Term Athlete Development
Technique and Skill
Principles of Play
Physical Development
Systems and Tactics
Key Factor Coaching
Session Planning
Match Observation


Technical and Skill Practice
Small-Sided Game Practice
Functional Practice
Global-Analytical-Global Practice
Attacking and Defending Skills
Attacking and Defending Principles
Practices for Physical Development
Delivering Coaching Sessions

$250 + GST Evaluation Fee

Coaches who complete the training requirements are eligible to be evaluated. Evaluation is optional. Coaches who complete all training requirements and pass the evaluation achieve certification.

Evaluation is based upon:

  1. Practical Session (20 minute Analytical & 15 minute Final SSG)
  2. Coaching Portfolio (completed during the course)
  3. Plan a Session (provided before evaluation)

Candidates receive their results electronically. Unsuccessful candidates may apply for re-evaluation and full evaluation fees will apply (on the 2nd re-evaluation). This is a non-residential program with travel and accommodation being the responsibility of the candidate.

Re-Testing Provincial B Licence Components

Coaches may be evaluated again should their performance have fallen short of the expected standards. In most instances, the initial re-evaluation fee can be waived. After initial re-evaluation, coaches who require it may complete a second re-evaluation. Candidates re-test only individual evaluation components they did not pass. If after completing a second re-evaluation a passing score has not been achieved, candidates must re-enter the program and repeat the Provincial B Licence course before attempting the evaluation process again. Full program fees will apply.

  1. Field Testing ($125 + GST)
  2. Portfolio ($125 + GST)
  3. Plan a Session Exam ($25 + GST)

Total = $275 + GST
Candidates receive their results electronically. This is a non-residential program with travel and accommodation being the responsibility of the candidate.

2019 Course Dates

The course will be held over two weekends: June 21-23 (Calgary) and July 12-14 (Edmonton). The Friday evening sessions will run from 7-10 pm with the Saturday/Sunday sessions running from 8 am to 6 pm.

2019 Evaluation Dates

May 4 – Edmonton
May 5 – Calgary

June 15- Calgary
June 16- Edmonton

July 27- Calgary
July 28- Edmonton

Sept 9- Calgary
Sept 10- Edmonton