Alberta Soccer is proud to announce its new partnership with B42.

Join the revolution in Pro-Am and Grassroots Soccer to attract new members by offering more profound insights into the player’s individual soccer training. 

Driven by passion, B42 is a soccer start-up with the ambition to take every player to the next level by creating a soccer platform for ambitious players, coaches, and clubs to improve their performance on the pitch significantly. With the expertise of sports professionals, high-quality training content is provided, and precise diagnostics and insights can be shared with your coaches. Personalized training plans will take the player’s game to the next level.  

Off to new levels 

The B42 app allows players to create a base to achieve their highest fitness level on the pitch. Players can work on their strength, stamina, skills, and ball handling to increase their physical and mental capability. Personal success is monitored, recorded, and represented in the app, which offers quick and easy diagnostics for players, coaches and clubs. In addition, players will see their progress and achievements on their individual player cards.  

Teamwork makes the dream work. 

In addition to individual training sessions, coaches can set up their teams and assign individual training sessions and challenges to players, groups, and the entire team. Players compete with their fellows in technical drills and endurance challenges. Individual successes are shared and celebrated within the team to build team cohesion. “Equal Game” and “Fair Play” are more than just buzzwords – they are the cornerstones of the B42 community. Together, Alberta Soccer and B42 are committed to equal opportunity, respect, and harmonious cooperation in grassroots sports. 

Coaching on a next level 

The Coach Zone offers statistics on training participation, current training load, and performance diagnostics for each team in the club. B42 provides a variety of pre-built workouts and training sessions that can be allocated and assigned to the entire teams, specific groups, or individual players. The balance of stress and regeneration becomes visible and offers more accentuated player development.  

  • More members: Clubs can attract new members, especially the younger generation, through the app. 
  • Professionalism: Clubs represent a professional image and attract players and sponsors to the club. Sponsors can also be displayed on the platform through sponsor banners. 
  • Educate players & coaches about features: Players and coaches get most of their training when they are educated through on the program. B42 offers education on specific features and settings to clubs. 
  • Improve performance: The app improves the performance of players and coaches. It flags players to protect them from injuries and helps them to get back on the field quickly after an injury. 

Road to St. Johns 

Prior to the 2025 Canada Summer Games, Alberta Soccer will team up with B42 to use the Coach Zone as the central platform to run performance diagnostics and to distribute skill training and individualized workshops between the evaluation and preparation camps.  

Interested clubs can contact Alberta Soccer for more information about the Coach Zone and individual player subscriptions.

If you want to check B42’s website, please click here.