Upcoming Referee Courses

Upcoming courses can be accessed through the Refcentre platform.

Courses for New Referees

Upcoming certification courses for new referees (Mini or Entry Level) can be searched at – www.refcentre.com/alberta

For descriptions of each course and what level of refereeing it certifies, go to – www.albertasoccer.com/referee/courses/

If you wish to be placed on a Notification List for when a new series of courses becomes available – click here

Courses for Existing Referees

Upcoming refresher, conversion or upgrading courses can be found by logging into your Refcentre account at – www.refcentre.com

Courses are found under the ‘Registration’ menu. For descriptions of these courses and who needs to take them, go to – www.albertasoccer.com/referee/courses/

If you have forgotten your Refcentre password – click the ‘forgot password’ link and enter the email address that your Refcentre account is under and a reset link will be sent to that email address.