Upcoming Referee Courses

March 9th Update – Entry Level and Outdoor Refresher courses are starting to be added to the system. A quick list is below. If you do not see a course that works for you, please check back as more courses will be added as they are requested by hosts. Note – at this time, due to COVID restrictions, Alberta Soccer is not offering Mini Referee training for new referees. Previously registered Mini referees can now register for 2021.

  • To sign up for Mini or Entry Level courses for new referees – search by date here
  • Eligibility requirements for Mini and Entry Level courses, and the qualifications they provide, can be viewed at Referee Courses
  • Instructions on how to sign up for Mini and Entry Level courses can be viewed at New Referee Course Registration
  • Indoor Refresher and Conversion courses are available through your Refcentre account under the ‘Registration’ menu.

To referee in the 2021 Outdoor Season as a new referee, you will need to complete the following steps:

  1. Register for an Entry Level course using the links below. You will complete an online COVID related waiver at this time.
  2. Complete 7 online modules that will be released to you in Refcentre once the course host has approved you for the course.
  3. Attend an online, instructor led Laws of the Game webinar. This webinar is 2.75 hours and the link to join on Zoom will be sent to you on the day of the session. (The day prior for weekend morning webinars).
  4. Complete the online Canada Soccer Entry Level Referee Exam. This will be released to you in Refcentre immediately after attending the webinar and must be completed within 72 hours of the end of the course. If you do not pass, a one-time retake will be offered after a two-day waiting period.
  5. Attend an onfield practical training session – total 3 hours. Details of this can be found in the Course Description when you sign up on Refcentre.
  6. Review a video of the COVID requirements and guidelines for referees. This will be released to you closer to the outdoor season once any COVID restrictions are known.

Course Type (city/town) Course Host Date – Webinar Date – In Person
Entry Level (Calgary) CMSA June 14th, 2021 June 23rd, 2021  www.refcentre.com/alberta
Entry Level (Wetaskiwin) CASA June 16th, 2021 June 27th, 2021  www.refcentre.com/alberta
Entry Level (Calgary) CMSA June 17th, 2021 June 26th, 2021  www.refcentre.com/alberta
Entry Level (Edmonton) EMSA June 17th, 2021 June 26th, 2021  www.refcentre.com/alberta
Outdoor Refresher (n/a) AB Soccer June 14th, 2021 n/a  www.refcentre.com
Outdoor Refresher (n/a) AB Soccer June 21st, 2021 n/a  www.refcentre.com
Outdoor Refresher (n/a) AB Soccer June 24th, 2021 n/a  www.refcentre.com

Note – additional refresher courses will be added as needed.

*For Entry Level courses hosted by Alberta Soccer, you will be given options for your practical in person session based on your location in the province.

Updated – June 13th, 2021