A delegation of 30 coaches from different Canada Soccer Member Associations spent two weeks in Cidade do Futebol, Portugal, where they obtained Futsal coaching training.

During these days, the group had sessions with members of the FPF (Portuguese Football Federation), such as Jorge Braz, National Selector and coordinator of all FPF Futsal; João Rocha, Member of the Referee Committee; Jorge Silvério, psychologist of the Futsal National Teams; Bruno Travassos and Ricardo Azevedo, National Coaches. The trainees learnt about tactical techniques and training methodologies, gaining practical experience in watching matches from the Placard League playoffs (Men’s and Women’s) and witnessing matches at levels such as the III Futsal Division.

According to Patrik Zimmermann, Alberta Soccer Technical Lead and one of the three Alberta representatives in this clinic, “The experience was outstanding. It was mind-blowing to see how far evolved the Portuguese Futsal system is, and how they became one of the strongest teams in the Futsal world.”

In Patrik Zimmermann’s opinion, Alberta’s long winters can benefit the development of Futsal in our province. “We have more time indoors than we have outdoors. That means we have so much potential that can be explored. If we implement the right steps, Alberta could become a powerhouse of Futsal and feed the Canadian National Teams with lots of players.”

Kris Fernandes, Futsal Canada representative from Toronto, said to FPF, “The opportunity resulted from our friendship with Jorge Braz, who is from Edmonton, and with whom we talked for years about how we could launch Futsal in Canada. With the great success he has had, becoming the Best Coach in the world four times and making Portugal the best Futsal nation on the planet, we had to take advantage of the opportunity to learn from him”, he concluded.

Left to right: Patrik Zimmermann (Alberta Soccer Technical Lead), Thiago Silva (Edmonton), Adam Monkman (Calgary), Junior Figueiredo (Alberta Soccer Vice President), Esther Bylsma (Slave Lake).